Creating a foundation for financial peace of mind

Our first year together is all about creating a foundation for your future. We learn about you and your goals. We give all the resources and support you need to make smart financial decisions.

Meeting One

Goal Setting

We listen to your responses to a series of questions that help us understand what and who are most important to you.

Investment Theory

Sharing our investment principles with you as we begin the process of crafting a portfolio unique to you and your goals.

Meeting Two

Financial Independence

Modeling the future with your financial security in mind. We will both understand how much you must save (or how much you might spend) for retirement.

Business Planning

For clients with closely-held businesses, we model scenarios that include retaining or selling the business depending on your goals.

Education Funding

We help you plan for the education of children or grandchildren by creating a savings goal coupled with the most tax-effective savings strategy.

Meeting Three

Investment Policy Guidelines & Portfolio Recommendations

Formal review of the blueprint for your portfolio(s) and the specific recommendations to meet your short- and long-term goals with an eye to taxes, fees, and your cash flow needs.

Integration of Family Assets Into Your Financial Strategy

Discussing the strategy for illiquid assets such as real estate, timber, or a closely held business. Integrating these strategies with your portfolio strategy.

Meeting Four

Income Tax Planning

We assess your income tax return with an eye to reducing income taxes now or in the future.

Risk Management Review

Fine-tuning the coverage and cost of all of your insurance needs from homeowner’s policies to long-term care to life insurance.

Meeting Five

Estate Planning Review

Planning for death as we plan for life, we will confirm your estate plan meets your current needs. If not, we will plan for change with your trusted estate planning attorney.

Philanthropic Planning

We explore your charitable goals and values to create a plan for high impact and tax-effective sharing of your resources to make a difference.

Meeting Six

Portfolio Reports

You receive your first portfolio performance report from us—offering the opportunity to review the format, answer any questions, and tailor future reports to your needs.

Assessment Interview

We ask for your feedback on progress towards your initial goals and want to hear any recommendations you have for improving our process or service.

Planning Meetings

Family Meeting

We provide a forum for you to discuss important issues with your adult children, such as your estate plan, long-term care wishes, or a succession plan for the family business. You may choose to delay this meeting until a more appropriate moment in the life cycle of your family.

Human Capital Development

Abacus believes that you are the most significant factor in achieving your goals. Let’s explore possibilities for evolving or redeploying your natural skills and talents to align with your personal goals, whether it’s transitioning to a new job, pursuing a long-term passion, or making a difference in the world. This meeting is also helpful to adult children launching their careers.