Established in 1998.

Abacus is a pioneer in fee-only, integrated, holistic financial advising.

$1.6 Billion in managed assets
20+ Years helping clients reach their dreams
3 generations of talent

How We Became Who We Are.

One person (Cheryl Holland). One desk (folding card table). One client (still a client). So began Abacus in 1998.

Oh, there was one other thing – Cheryl’s determination to create and then follow a path that was a rare species at the time: a fee-only business model. Which, truth be told, was the key motivator in founding her own planning group.

As she explains, “I didn’t want to charge a commission. I wanted to be independent. I wanted to always, and I do mean always, put the clients and their goals and dreams first.”

While the fiduciary concept has gained traction and is more widely embraced these days, she and Abacus were among its earliest pioneers.

A parallel passion was Cheryl’s desire, in her words, “…to have the professional chance – and personal challenge – to create a unique culture centered on listening, creativity and collaboration.” The result? A thriving team that translates into thriving clients.

Today, we manage $1.6 billion in assets, serve 220 clients, and employ over 25 in two offices (including 14 certified financial planners and charter financial analysts). Abacus’ focus has sharpened over time and the majority of our current clients are families with shared assets.

Note About The Name. We are often asked about the origin of our name. Again, Cheryl: “It takes technical knowledge and a knowing human touch to solve a problem on an abacus. That defines us perfectly.”

Jon on Clients First

Signs of a fiduciary poster child: totally transparent, no conflicts, fee-only.