Achieving Peace of Mind

Complex assets. Complex family relationships. Where to turn?

Three grown children. Their widowed mother. Her $20 million in assets. What we discovered: A drastic need for cash flow planning for Mom and the family business.

Weighing Possibilities

Now that our company is successful, how do we invest the money wisely?

Realizing you have made a significant amount of money – in this case, $5 million -- is exhilarating. It can also be nerve-wracking. How to balance growing it and protecting it?

Finding Common Ground

It can be daunting to keep a business in the family and keep the family together.

A prosperous company. A concerned father – the founder and owner. A grown son and daughter, their spouses and children. And time for a transition looming ahead.

Honoring the Mission

Philanthropic organizations make the biggest difference when run well.

In every case, the bottom line to success is faithfully honoring the mission of the organization and maximizing the impact of its resources via strategic, smart-business decisions.