Doing Things Differently From Day One

We imagined a fee-only model centered on listening and collaboration. Then brought it to life.

Our Founding Story


  • Listen, and then listen to be fully present whenever another person is speaking: client, colleague, friend or family member. Aspire to become one of the best listeners in the world.
  • Keep a beginner’s mind to nurture the habits and attitudes that sustain a curious mind and an open heart.
  • Seek mastery to commit ourselves fully to developing the skills, expertise and wisdom to excel in our profession.
  • Create energy, not time to invest in our own self-care: plentiful sleep, rigorous exercise, healthy diet and rejuvenation.
  • Embrace change to create a mindset that seeks and welcomes opportunities for evolving Abacus’ services, the team and ourselves.
  • Practice gratitude to openly express thankfulness in a myriad of ways for the richness of our lives and the gifts of others both great and small.
  • Remember that “it’s not about me” to always think through the lens of the client and her goals and worldview rather than my own needs, perspectives or worries.
  • Celebrate to rejoice in the successes of clients, team members, the firm and ourselves.
  • Commit to radical responsibility to make clear agreements with clients and peers and to bind myself to honoring these agreements.
  • Honor the sanctity of confidentiality to respect a client’s gift of sharing his dreams, values and fears with us and to keep that information within the walls of “2500 Devine”, without exception.

Community Involvement

Giving back is a given at Abacus. We’re committed to giving regularly of our time, expertise, and at least 1% of our revenue.

Recognition & Growth

Our team members are thought leaders in the top tier of our profession. We’re always learning and striving for new heights.

Bethany on Creating Roadmaps

First: set goals. Then: guide the client journey to the exciting point of reality.