Alexandra Chastain standing in front of a large abstract painting reflected in the glass behind her.

Alex puts great emphasis on being present. As a result, she carries two things with her into every client meeting: humility and openness.

“When you put the blinders aside and interact with a client with your ears tuned, your eyes clear and your mind free, your takeaway is going to be what’s different, what’s real. Then, you can do a great job for that client.”

Working with families in particular means a lot of dots to connect, personalities to balance, goals to clarify and, yes, sometimes tensions to de-escalate. “That takes a seamless blend of soft skills and tactical financial skills (both of which we have in spades). And it takes never forgetting that it is not about me, it is about them.”

  • B.S. in Finance, University of South Carolina

Leadership & Community

  • National Association of Personal Finance Advisors Member
  • Financial Planning Association Member
  • Schwab Executive Leadership Class of 2017