Susan McCants seated in front of floor-to-ceiling windows and a vase with yellow and orange flowers.

Susan appreciates a healthy ego. But she knows that working at Abacus means leaving yours outside the building. We are one for all and all for one (the client).

“No one at Abacus is too important for any job. When one of us learns something, we all learn something. We listen to each other the same way we listen to clients – as if we expect to hear something wonderful (and most often we do). That’s what keeps things fresh around here. We are constantly moving ahead as individuals and as a group.”

“Organization overcomes complication” is another way Susan measures the Abacus difference. “We literally want the client to throw everything at us. We take it, sort it out, and they see clearly what they have. They feel better and that makes me feel better.”

  • B.S. in Economics, Erskine College