Kara Bestler leaning against a chair in front of a table with a red flower and abstract art hanging on the wall.

Kara is drawn to paperwork, the fine print, deadlines, balance sheets—all the nitty gritty—like a bear to honey.

“Taking care of the details is my way of taking care of people. If a client needs me to pay a child’s college tuition, done. If a client needs me to monitor their checking account, done. If a client needs me stay on top of insurance premiums, done.”

Kara’s “to-do” list is long and ever-changing. “Supporting a client requires being flexible, agile and good-humored. No two days are alike. And no two clients are alike. My job—which I love—is to make certain their peace of mind is a constant.”

  • B.A. in Human Resources, Virginia Tech

Leadership & Community

  • Financial Planning Association Member