Jessica Daley standing at a counter with a chihuahua in a sweater in front of an abstract wall mural.

If you ask about Jessica around our office, don’t be surprised to hear her described as “marvelous.” High bar? For sure. Does she clear it? Absolutely.

Jessica came to us after a career in animal hospital management. (Insert herding cats joke here.) And she brought with her two of the qualities we admire most in a teammate – a can-do attitude (the woman is a master of Excel spreadsheets) and a happy, engaging, downright infectious demeanor.

The feeling and respect are mutual. “I hit the honey pot when I joined Abacus. I have finally discovered what I always thought a company should be. A team that works like a team should work. Top to bottom, everyone cares about, supports, encourages and motivates each other. With more than a little fun thrown in. I am so lucky.”

  • B.S. in Animal and Poultry Sciences, Virginia Tech