Irish Plemons standing next to a bookcase in front of an abstract painting.

Just guessing, but we’re relatively sure you are just as curious about the origin of her name as we were. Since it is her moniker, we’ll let Irish tell the story.

“Everyone asks. Here’s the scoop. My mom got to name my older sister – Melissa. Then when I came along, per their agreement, it was dad’s turn. So, he looked around and spotted his favorite Irish whiskey on the shelf. And that was that.”

It’s perhaps no coincidence that Irish built a career in wine and spirits sales before joining Abacus. She sees it as laying a great foundation. “I had to be self-motivated, organized and not stop until a task was accomplished.” It also honed her natural qualities as a “people person.” And made Irish the perfect fit for “a culture that is energetic, welcoming and fully recognizes the value and talent of women.”

  • B.S. in International Business, College of Charleston