Carolyn Stewart standing in front of a large abstract mural.

We are not ones to brag, but sometimes we can’t help ourselves. People wonder if websites work… if they are worth the effort. Per Carolyn, ours does… and is.

“Facing graduation, I was pondering my next move. Then I saw the opening at Abacus and, as most folks do, went to their website. I got the distinct impression—which has proven to be true—that Abacus cares about the emotional impact they have with their clients and each other. And I loved that the site was not your standard stock photo assemblage. It told me this is a really cool firm.”

Carolyn likes stories that delve into emotions, personalities, passions. “I forego movie blockbusters for smaller, more intimate movies that explore and get to the bottom of what makes people tick.” (Sound familiar?)

  • B.S. in Business, Virginia Tech – Finance Major with Concentration in Financial Planning