Brittany Midgette standing with arms crossed in front of an abstract painting of a white canvas splattered with colorful paint.

To turn a country classic on its head, “We fought the law, and the law lost.” No, we’re not talking about a court case. We’re talking about having Brittany choose us.

Even after college, two years as a probate court intern, law school, and passing the bar, Brittany decided to put her notable skills to work in a different but equally impactful arena. “I had an interest in estate planning, some experience with bankruptcy, knew how to confront stacks of documents and unearth details. Plus, it said a lot that Abacus posted a job opening in a law school. I like creative thinkers.”

  • B.A. in Psychology, Criminology and Criminal Justice, magna cum laude, University of South Carolina
  • Juris Doctor, William & Mary Law School